Chronicles of...

Disclaimer:  I don't own anything pertaining to Transformers.  If I did the Autobots would be royally screwed.  LONG LIVE THE DECEPTICONS!!!!

Generally, if you know it didn't happen in any of the universes, there is a good chance, not always, but a good chance none the less that it was probably my idea.

Chronicles of...
TRANSFORMERS!!!!  (dun dun DUH!)

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Seekers get turned into kittens! Read all about it!

Our favorite jet boys, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker have been turned into kittens.  Wait.  What?  Yes you heard me correctly.  During another energy raid, Megatron decided to test out another 'brilliant' idea to try and defeat his arch nemesis, Optimus.  However, his plan is thrown up in smoke but not the way he expected it to.

WARNING:  Lean, mean fighting machines get turned into teeny weenie little fuzzballs.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!  Also out of desperation I have imported two characters not originally from G1.  Blackout and Barricade.  How ever this takes place in the 80's and I highly doubt a Saleen Mustang would be found during that time so I've changed his alt-mode to a pure black Mustang GT.

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Little Light of Mine - Chapter 1

This particular fanfic stars a seven year old human female named, Illuminescence.  She runs away from her drunkard father and ends up stumbling across a battle.  In the middle of watching the fight her father catches up to her.  Her three heroes aren't who you would expect.  Read to find out more.

Rating for this Chapter: PG-13 for adult language.

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Transmorphosis Chapter 1

  Vultura Talon Screech, Mecka Silver Taron, Skorpiya Nuka, Annihilastasia, Constrikta Venom Serpentine, Cassandra Raven Cade, Meckenzie, and Umbra.

There were three underground labs.  All three had been conducting illegal experimentations of bioengineering.  One was located in a bunker beneath the Sierra Desert of Nevada; the second was located in egypt underneath the Great Pyramids;  the third was located in Antarctica.  Only eight of the experiments survived.  Vultura, Annihilastasia, Meckenzie, and Cassandra were from the Sierra Desert Bunker; Skorpiya, Umbra and Constrikta were from Egypt;  and in Antarctica the eighth one, Mecka.  Read to find out their story.  These very strange girls meet some very strange beings from out of this world.

Disclaimer:  I do not own Transformers.
Claimer:  I own my original characters.

Warning:  Might be a little of OOC-ness and it is an AU. (Alternate Universe)
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Current Rating for this chapter is:  PG-13 (For adult language)

Welcome to my forum

Hey everybody welcome to the community.  I'm going to start this community off with two rather basic questions.

Who is your favorite character from each faction?


If you were ever presented the opportunity, which faction would you join?

Now I know it wouldn't be fair if I made you answer questions I didn't answer myself so I will give my answers to them...

My favorite character from the Decepticon side is Air Commander Starscream and I don't really have any favorite Autobots.

And as for faction alliegance... I would join the Decepticons.  Hands down.  Reason because I'm not a goody-goody person and with all the chaos around me I would never be bored.

Your turn...
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